Driver’s License Test

How To Schedule Your Drive Test

To Have Your Written Test Waived

  • Complete Cowboy Driving Academy Course (10 hours classroom & 6 hours behind the wheel)
  • Students may start class on their 15th birthday (see Teen FAQs for details)

GDL requirements to take the driving test with Cowboy Driving Academy,

Student must meet the following requirements:

  • Drive Test Only (this does not involve a written test)
  • Have permit with issue date at least 6 months prior to test date or until 18 years old. If over 18, must have permit over 30 days
  • Be 16 years of age or older
  • Have all fees paid in full
  • Have Certificate of Completion (sample a or sample b) of Driver Education Course (if under 18)
  • Have 1 primary ID (see pg. 1-1 of Oklahoma Driver’s Manual) Permit Qualifies
  • Have 1 secondary ID (see pg. 1-2 of Oklahoma Driver’s Manual) Social Security Card Qualifies
  • Have a notarized Affidavit of Driver Training (50 Hour) (allows student to test without parent present). Student must have driven minimum 50 hours (10 at night) of behind the wheel training from a licensed driver 21 years old or older (with at least 2 years driving experience).
  • Use of cell phones or any electronic devices is not permitted
  • Driver with Intermediate Driver’s License can drive by themselves and have 1 friend in the car OR have as many family members living in the same house in the car with them. They also have a curfew and cannot drive between the hours of 10 PM and 5 AM unless they are directly going to or from a school, work or church (religious) related activity. Once student has satisfied the 6 month restriction, student must go to a Tag Agency to have it removed.
  • Any violation of above restriction will cause student to maintain restriction for an additional 6 months from the date of violation
  • Note: The Tag Agency will collect a $20 License Fee (if you’ve previously failed a test there will be an additional $4 fee per failure)