Schedule Test – Next Step

NOTE: Cowboy Driving Academy Driver’s Ed Students

> You will NOT see appointment details in your “Student Portal”


  • FIRST, To take the State Road Test You MUST HAVE completed *our 10 hour minimum (2 days) class AND 6 hours of Behind-The-Wheel Driving Instruction. You may schedule prior to completing BUT MUST complete the required class and drive time BEFORE taking the State Road Test (Driver's License Test).*If you completed Driver's Ed at another DPS certified commercial driver's ed school, a public school driver's ed program or a certified Online/Parent Taught program find details below in the section called "Here Is What Is Required On Test Day."
  • SECOND, (Student must be 16 years old and their VALID Oklahoma permit must be at least 6 months old). If the student is 18 or older the permit is only required to be 31 days from issue date to test date.
    • In other words, look at the permit and find "issue date." Add 6 months or 31 days if the student is 18 or over. That is the first day your student is qualified to take the Drive Test.
  • If your permit IS NOT the original (replacement) or IF YOU HAVE received a moving violation (speeding ticket, collision etc...) during the time you've had your permit, you are required to call DPS at 405-425-2300 to determine the first day you are eligible to take your driver's license test
  • THIRD, We are testing in Stillwater, Ponca City, Perry, Enid, Woodward and Oklahoma City. Please keep in mind the day/time you desire may already be booked. In that case we will do everything possible to get you taken care of just as soon as possible.

    WE WILL NOT confirm an exact prep & test time until the evening before the test.

Here Is What Is Required On Test Day <<<<<

  • Student MUST have their Permit with them at the time of test (FAILURE TO HAVE THE PERMIT AND CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION IS A $100 PENALTY - photocopies, pictures of or any other facsimile is NOT ACCEPTABLE BY DPS RULE).
  • Student must have their Cowboy Driving Academy (or another DPS Certified commercial driver's ed school) Certificate of Completion (looks like a diploma and is a different document than the Cowboy Driving Academy Contract). If your student attended drivers ed at a secondary school in OK their Certificate of Completion may be a single sided 8.5 X 11 certificate completed by the school on the top and bottom sections or a "double sided green card."
  • NEW: After a successful test we will enter their test score and print paperwork. A Parent or Legal Guardian must be present at conclusion of a successful test to sign paperwork OR the student must be in possession of the Affidavit of Driver Training.   In this case, it must be filled out by Parent or Guardian and Student and notarized. It is available to be printed out here: Affidavit of Driver Training (50 Hour)
  • The final step is to go to ANY Tag Agency with the paperwork we give you to receive your license. The Tag Agency will collect $25.00 (if you have failed a previous state road test the Tag Agency will collect an additional $4 per failed test).
  • Additionally, when we enter the score into the DPS website it may inform us that you are required to go to DPS prior to the Tag Agency. In most cases this is limited to people with certain type of immigration status.  We cannot determine this until the test is successfully completed. Also, there are rare exceptions when the DPS website is not functioning. We cannot control this or any other situation where DPS requires someone to go to DPS for processing. These situations are rare and occur to about 1% of our customers.