Follow Up

Welcome to the Follow Up page, this page is a resource and a reminder of a lot of the information we covered during the classroom sessions.


  • You received a user name and password when you registered online at, click the “student login” link at to access the “student login page.” You are able to schedule your drives now, you will see available drives 2 weeks after the first day of class. You may schedule drives within 28 days of each other online provided your balance is $0.00. Testing & Defensive Drive products may NOT be scheduled in your “STUDENT PORTAL”, you can begin the scheduling process for a test and/or defensive drive at A 24 hour notice to cancel drives is required, $50 Late Cancellation Fee Will Be Applied When Proper Notice Is Not Made. (Emergency/Sickness/Out Of Your Control Situations Will Be Treated On An Individual Basis) AND A $100 NO SHOW FEE will be applied for not showing up for nor cancelling said drive.
  • If you purchase “Cowboy Classic ($695) and above” you may choose to be picked up at home, work or school. When you schedule your drives online it will be our standard meeting location. You then need to send a Facebook Message to indicate where you would like to be picked up. We’ll edit that information on the scheduled appointment; both you and the instructor will be notified by email of the new pickup location. If the Valet Form IS NOT completed at least 72 hours prior to the drive the pick up/drop off location CANNOT be changed.


  • Once the student has completed this 2 day class, with your “Contract, Agreement and Proof of Driver’s Education” and your other documents (Teen FAQ page/Testing Tabs at and you are 15 ½, you are able to obtain your permit.
  • Drive Test is taken 6 months after Permit (LP) is issued at Department of Public Safety
  • STILLWATER: (Old Parks & Rec Building) 701 E 12th, Stillwater, OK 74074, 405-743-9140, 8 AM-4:45 PM M-F
  • PONCA CITY: 1904 N. Union St, Ste 106, Ponca City, OK 74604, 580-762-1728, 8 AM-4:45 PM M-F
  • ENID/OHP HQ: 5725 W. Owen K Garriott, Enid, OK, 73701, 580-237-5464, 8 AM-4:45 PM M-F
  • WOODWARD: 2411 Williams Ave., Woodward, OK 73801, 580-256-8089, 8 AM-4:45 PM M-F


  • As promised from the Parent Meeting, you’ll find 2 files for your perusal on this page. The first one is the handout of everything we cover in the car when we’re driving with our students. The second is a draft of a Parent/Child contract agreement that most appreciate to get their kids to understand the responsibility and accountability that comes with getting their license. As we stated, our goal is raising responsible adults.
  • These tools have proven helpful in assisting you how to train your student in a way consistent with our methods. Now go make them drive. The only way they are going to be good is to invest time and commit to good habits.
  • AS YOU are driving with your child, these CAR COMMANDS that we covered will come in very handy:
    • GAS – Give it GAS now
    • BRAKE-Apply the BRAKE but don’t STOP
    • STOP-Right NOW
    • CLEAR-Visually clearing every intersection and RR crossing; Left, right, left, and straight.
    • COVER-Foot over the brake but not pressing on it; anticipating yellow light and parking lots
    • CREEP-Using the brake to control speed while backing or parking.
  • All LATERAL MOVES: Lane Changes, Merging on Interstates, Leaving Parallel Park and Hill Park;
    • S-Signal
    • M-Mirrors
    • O-Over the Shoulder Look
    • G-GO or GAS
  • SIPDE-Is on Page 4 of the file which they should commit to memory; It is what DRIVE SAFE means when you tell them that after giving them the keys. It is the mental and visual decision making process that is the Cornerstone for Defensive Driving.
    • S-Scan the Driving Scene
    • I-Identify potential hazards
    • P-Predict the Worst Possible Outcome
    • D-Decide on a Plan that gives you an out if and when the worst thing you Predicted happens
    • E-Execute Your Plan

Files To Download