Cowboy Benefits

The idea behind Cowboy Benefits is to give families peace of mind after their student has completed driver’s education and defensive driving. The logic is “now that they’re trained, lets protect them and not let them get stranded.”

Drivers Education and Defensive Driving saves lives while Cowboy Benefits saves money and protects young, inexperienced drivers. We have created several plans that appeal to families (each benefit covers your whole family), such as a roadside service/legal assistance/ as well as an instant deals app all for the total of $10 a month. We created six different plans between $10 and $30 per month, with the latest including telemedicine and an identity theft plan due to the Equifax identity theft breach. We have hyperlinks in each package so it’s easy for you to click for a fact sheet and also view a one minute video explaining each benefit. Quick and easy! Fact: The company has 25 million benefit users, a 90% retention rate with the average user saving $150 per month. Exciting! Now is a great time to start using it.

We have also recruited outside salespeople to call on self-insured businesses to provide gap protection, saving the company out-of-pocket medical costs before meeting their deductible. We recently enrolled our first business customer, a staffing agency, to offer benefits to their employees at a very reasonable cost. We can do the same for you.

Cowboy Benefits saves money that would typically go towards deductibles. As technology advances, telemedicine will be the future of health care. The current problem health care faces today is a shortage of doctors, and we offer a network of doctors with quick and easy access. Click on the link below to enroll in the package that fits your family today!