90 Days Same As Cash

Welcome to 90 Days Same As Cash for Drivers Ed (payment options).

How Does It Work?

  • 1st, sign up for any of our Drivers Ed packages, make sure to select “pay later” on the student information screen (where your enter name, address, etc…).
  • 2nd, on or before the first day of class you may pay $195 or more if you are purchasing our $395 Basic Driver’s Ed package OR $395 or more if your are purchasing a package costing $595 or more.
  • All Products Are Purchased On A No Refund Policy.
  • No Changes In Driver’s Ed Package Selection Beyond 14 Days From The First Day Of Class.

How Is The Remaining Balance Paid?

  • For the The Basic Driver’s Ed Package ($395)
    • You will pay $195 on the first day of class
    • For drive 1 & 2 you will pay $100 for each drive
  • For ALL packages $595 Or Above the remaining balance may be paid over the first 3 drives, if so it would look like this:
    • Pay 40% Of The Balance On First Drive
    • Pay 40% Of The Balance On Second Drive
    • Pay Remaining Balance On Third Drive
    • If you have more than 6 hours of behind-the-wheel drives you may complete the additional drives once the balance has been paid in full.
  • In most cases you will not be able to complete 3 drives within 90 days unless you select the Cowboy Classic Express, Premium, Premium Plus or above package. To avoid any interest charges you must pay the complete balance of your account prior to the 91st day .

What Happens If I Can’t Pay The Balance In Full In 90 Days?

  • A 10% fee will be applied to any account where the balance has not been paid in full on the 91st day.
  • Day 1 is the first day you (your student) attend class.
  • Certificate of Completion will not be issued unless the account has a zero balance.

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